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Performance Coaching

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When you join the Performance Coaching Plan, you gain a path to progress through:

Monthly Reset

Receive a free Trading Combine® Reset each month.

Kickoff Session

Enjoy an in-depth 30-minute session to get acquainted with your coach.

Private Group Chat

Private group chat where you can ask questions or work with the Topstep coaching team.

Weekly One-on-One

Regular assessments to help define and implement your strategy and accountability.

A Daily Meeting

Join a group meeting each day at 9:30 AM CT for access to a verbal Q&A, screen sharing, and real-time market analysis.

The most legendary traders in the world - Paul Tudor Jones, Steven Cohen and even Bobby Axelrod - work with performance coaches. This is the piece of your trading that you have been missing.

TopstepTrader’s Performance Coaches work one-on-one with traders to help them find market opportunities, review daily statistics, manage setbacks and progress in their trading.


Monthly Subscription Cost: $395

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Meet Our Coaches

John Hoagland Professional Trader

John Hoagland

John Hoagland has 38 years of futures trading experience. He traded on the floor at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for 20 years, later migrating to screen trading in 2009. He has helped develop thousands of traders at TopstepTrader over the past five years and is passionate about improving the performance of each trader. John’s trading expertise is multifaceted, specializing in Market Profile, technical analysis, auction theory, volume and order flow.

Dan Hodgman Chicago Board of Trade Clerk

Dan Hodgman

Dan Hodgman clerked on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade from 2007 until 2011, checking trades and hedging options, while simultaneously managing his own futures account. He went on to serve in the Marine Corps for four years, sharpening his discipline which he afterwards incorporated into trading options and cash spreads with a small proprietary trading firm until 2017 before joining TopstepTrader as a Performance Coach. He looks forward to working with active traders and helping them achieve their goals.

Michael Patak

Michael Patak

Michael Patak is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of Topstep. Originally from Nebraska, Michael left the farm life for the trading life in the late 90s. Though he found success in several early business ventures, his initial performance trading futures turned out to be— well—less than stellar. Michael lost $90,000 of his own money before realizing he needed to make a change. After dialing back his risk and trading on a simulator for several months, Michael finally “found his groove” and went on to have a successful career on the floor at the Chicago Board of Trade. It was this experience that led Michael to found TopstepTrader in 2012 to help aspiring traders learn the craft of trading without repeating the same mistakes that nearly ruined him financially. Michael is deeply passionate about this mission and would like to see a world in which anyone with a love for trading can pursue their goals in a safe and supportive environment.

Mick Ieronimo Risk Manager

Mick Ieronimo

Mick Ieronimo clerked on the grain floor of the Chicago Board of Trade for five years, before moving on to manage his own futures account from 2008 until 2012. He was then recruited by a niche proprietary trading firm to serve as a Market Maker, trading calendar spreads in the grains. In 2013, Mick executed trades under Linda Raschke for the Granat Fund, specializing in technical analysis, until he joined TopstepTrader in 2015 to guide traders in their Funded Accounts©.


What You Can Expect To Learn:

  • Changing your “lens” to improve your trading strategies
  • How to journal, review and revise your day trading performance
  • Surviving, maintaining and sustaining your trading account
  • Technical analysis and candlestick charts
  • Understanding your emotions and using them to your advantage
  • Market profile and volume profile
  • Indicators and moving averages
  • And much more!

What It's Like Working with Our Performance Coaches

Watch a performance coaching session!


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You have drastically shortened my learning curve. Without you, this would have taken years.

Gerry Z.

I just reached my profit target for the first time today in the Trading Combine. Thank you!

Keith A.

So glad I was able to let my ego go and picked up the phone to ask for help. Although I have done the work, you really have given me the tools and mindset to change my life. I could never thank you enough.

Justin V.

If I had coaching from the beginning, I am sure it would have taken me half the time.

Tom F.

 I do hope other traders can learn and benefit from this powerful mentoring.

Osbert D.

You have made risk management my new obsession, I can’t thank you enough for the support you have given me especially on the psychological side of things.

Tim P.

    Want to try it out first?

    To shorten your learning curve and accelerate your path to funding, TopstepTrader has a team of performance coaches ready to work with you. We welcome you to join the weekly group performance coaching session — every Wednesday at 1PM CT or call us at 1 (888) 407-1611.

    Performance Coach opinions should be used only for educational purposes and not as a recommendation to buy or sell any security or derivative. Working with a Performance Coach does not guarantee success. The testimonials shared on this page may not represent your experience with a Performance Coach.